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The association SENEVOLU is dedicated to promoting community tourism by welcoming volunteers and travellers to discover the cultural differences a West African like Senegal has to offer, while being part of the community.  Therefore, the organisation offers both, a cultural and a volunteer homestay programme.  SENEVOLU can also arrange hostel arrangements and host family stays for individuals like students f.e.

The association was founded in 2002 by Mr. Magučye SY who is currenty the principal programme director.  Mr. SY has several years of experience in welcoming foreign students and tourists in Senegal and speaks fluently both English and French as well as some local languages.



To succeed in its mission, SENEVOLU has adopted the following key words:

  • Participating in sustainable community development
  • Sensitizing volunteers in project development
  • Sensitizing local actors in hosting volunteers
  • The immersion of volunteers and tourists in the Senegalese culture

Since we intervene in both, social-economic and cultural domains, the scope of our partnerships is broad and includes: private schools, hospitals, NGOs, public services, health centres, responsible tour operators, artists, women's associations and diverse assocations fighting against poverty, aids, handicaps and the lack of hygiene and education.

Internet opens a window to the world for us and prestigious responsible tourism websites such as, and have placed web links to us.