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Cultural homestay
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Volunteer homestay

The minimum duration of this programme is 4 weeks and it is available all year long. During the 5 first days the participant will stay at a hostel for an orientation. This orientation includes immersion in the senegalese culture, language courses (French/Wolof) and excursions in the surroundings of Dakar.

After the orientation period the participant will move to a host family where he/she will participate in all-day-activities: trips, celebrations, ataya (the thee ritual in Senegal), ...

From Monday to Friday the participant will do volunteer work in Non Governmental Organisations, Public Services, community projects, primary schools, ...

During the weekends you can participate in cultural workshops (african dancing, cooking, djembé, kora, batik, ...) SENEVOLU will also be able to design excursions for groups from at least 5 persons during the weekends. .

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