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Sénégalese fans enjoy some universal sports such as soccer and basket ball.  Two sports are considered as indigenous or 'national'; canoe racing and wrestling..

its first appearance in soccer's showcase event at the Worldcup 2002, Senegal defeated its former conqueror and defending champion France 1-0.  Senegal in a way is more French than Les Bleus.  Just one French starter plays in his home league, but all 11 of Senegal's starters do

In Senegals capital, Dakar, people ran and danced through the streets, carrying the nation's red, green and yellow flag - a celebration that highlights the enormous impact the World Cup has in the country.  A Dakarese newspaper, the Soleil, wrote: "From the North Pole to the Amazon, from the Kalahari Desert to Kandahar, people will hear about our country.".