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Citizens of the EU, Japan, Canada, the USA and a few African countries are exempt from applying for a visa for a stay which does not exceed three months (90 days).

Citizens of all other countries must apply for a visa.  All foreign nationals who wish to remain in Senegal for longer than three months must also apply for a visa..


We recommend the following vaccinations:  

* Hepatitis A et B
* Typhoid
* Yellow fever

Please visit the Center for Disease Control Website for medical advice as you plan your journey and consult your doctor well at least 6 weeks before leaving..


You can find all sort of medication in Dakar.  But we advice you to assemble yourself a traveler's health  that should include:

* water purification pills;
* malaria pills;
* cream against insect bitest
* sunscreen/sunburn lotion
* thermometer
* personal prescription


Senegalese tend to dress more than Americans and Europeans.  It is wise to dress on the neat and conservative site.  We also recommend to bring a sheet sleepig sack along, which is required in youth hostels and may be necessary in some situations in Senegal.


The best way to carry your personnel money is in the form of travelers checks.  Cashing travellers checks in any major currency is easy in Dakar, but difficult elsewhere, especially if your checks are not in €.  Banks will give you cash with Visa cards.  The western Union Money Transfer agent throuhout Senegal is the CBAO bank.  It is not wise to pack travellers checks in your luggage or to carry large amounts of cash.  The most theft-resistent way to cary identification, money and other valuables is in a necklace pouch tucked under you shirt.


">The currency unit of Senegal is the F CFA which is linked to the EURO You can calculate the counter-value of the F CFA currency with the calculator of SENTOO:

To calculate the counter-value of the EURO in your currency unit (american dollar, japanese yen, etc) you can use the calculator of the X-RATES website:


On FLIGHTS.COM you will find the cheapest flight tickets to Senegal.  Prices start at $ 976 from New York and $495 from Brussels.  Airlines such as ALITATLIA and TAP AIR PORTUGAL offer the cheapest flight tickets.  .