Senevolu Djembe course senegal Volunteering Senegal Volunteering Dakar Flag of Senegal

a volunteer at work in a primary school a volunteer participating in an aids prevention meeting  
City tour Dakar: porte du Millénaire City tour Dakar: Kermel market
City tour Dakar: Goree island slaves house City tour Dakar: Goree island
the hostel were participants normally stay during their orientation djembe initiation on the beach in Dakar
african dancing with the "Ballet Oriental" of Dakar with the group in the disco
a volunteer with her host family a volunteer with her host family
pulic transport in Dakar celebration of worldcup victory in the streets of Dakar
Excursion: To bath or not to bath? ... In the Pink Lake ... the boat seems safer after all ....
... and finally time for a break in the shadow of the Lake Excursion: the famous Faidherbe bridge in Saint Louis